In an effort to ensure a fair distribution of resources for our WordPress subscribers, there is certain resource limitation that we have imposed as to avoid any overloading of our WordPress infrastructure that may impact the loading of any WordPress websites.

WP Personal WP Professional WP Expert
CPU Allocation 2 CPU 2 CPU 4 CPU
Memory Allocation 2GB 4GB 8GB
Environment Shared (hosted with other 150-200 customers) Shared (hosted with other 10-20 customers)
Dedicated (not shared with any users)
PHP Memory Limit 128MB 128MB 128MB
PHP Upload File Size 30MB 30MB 30MB
Email Attachment Size 50MB 50MB 50MB
Email Sending Limits Per Hour (Mailbox / Domain) 100 / 400 (Subject to our TOS) 200 / 800 (Subject to our TOS)
500 / 2000 (Subject to our TOS)

As your WordPress website usage grows, we understand you may needing more than pre-allocated resources to support the growth and usage. Feel free to reach out to our WordPress consultant in order for us to propose a right solution for you.