Your WordPress subscription is ready with Jetpack installed upon your WordPress hosting is created on our WordPress server. However, there's a little bit of manual activation to be done due to Jetpack require your WordPress domain to be accessible for validation via the public Internet before your domain can be provisioned with any Jetpack plan.

After activating and installing Jetpack, you’ll need to connect it to A account is required so that Jetpack can provide your site with stats and analytics about your traffic, site security, faster content delivery, sharing tools and multiple site management from one interface.

You only need one account to access all Jetpack services (including VaultPress, Akismet, Polldaddy, Gravatar, and itself) so if you already use any of these services you already have a account which you can use for Jetpack.

Here's the summary steps upon your WordPress hosting service is activated.

1. Activate your FREE SSL Certificate for your WordPress subscription.

2. Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and you should see the Jetpack is waiting for your next course of action. Click on the "Set up Jetpack" button to begin the activation of your Jetpack.

3. You will be routed to web pages to setup the authorisation. If you have an existing account, you can login with the existing login, otherwise, create a new account. 

4. Once done, you will be asked to authorise and setup the Jetpack connection with your WordPress domain.

5. Once the connection has been established, your Jetpack will be ready.

6.  The last thing you will be needing to do is to activate the Jetpack in your WordPress by going back to your WordPress Admin > Jetpack.

7. Your Jetpack is now ready for your domain. You can turn on/off some of the settings as required by navigating through the setting.