What are Sub-Accounts?

An extension of the Contacts feature, Sub-Accounts allow clients to create sub-users under their main account, which then allows that contact to login, and carry out various actions that the main account holder has permitted them to.

We call the primary login the master account owner, and any users they create under their account Sub-Accounts.

Why would a client use them?

Each section of the client area has its own permission so the access rights can be fine tuned by the master account holder (and any sub-accounts given permissions to manage contacts) to create different logins for different purposes.

Just a couple of examples where this might be useful are:

Billing Department - corporate users may have a dedicated billing department who should be given access to pay invoices and place new orders while the web/technical staff would only be given access to view current products & services and submit support requests, which was previously impossible

Web Developers - a customer hosting with you may be employing a web developer to build and maintain their website so might want to give that developer access to create tickets and correspond on their behalf, without being able to access any billing information or change account details

How to add Sub-Account:

To add in sub-account, please follow steps below.

1) Log into WPWebHost Billing System at here

2) You have to enter your email address which is as listed in WPWebHost  Billing System and your password. If you lost your password, please refer "Retrieving Your Password for WPWebHost Billing System"

3) Click “Contacts/Sub-Accounts” under your name and fill in the info.

4) On the "Add New Contact" tab, additional contacts can be added. Personal details including E-Mail address, name and phone number can be added.

The vital parts to take note is "Email Preferences". From the "Email Preferences", there are 5 types of emails which can be define the role of the additional contact added. it can be explained as below.

5) As an example, if you are requesting for hosting account user name and password from our Helpdesk support via additional contact's E-Mail account, please make sure that the additional E-Mail account has at least general E-Mails, product E-Mails or Support E-Mails option checked. If you check all this three, you will have the privilege to get all the account and product information.

6) Remember to tick “Activate Sub-Account” to activate the sub-account if you want to set access your Sub-Account to be able to access your Billing Account.

7) Click "Save Changes"

8) From "My Details" page, information such as personal detail, contacts and address can be updated. On the "Default Billing Contact", there is a list box to choose which contact(s) will be used as default. There are options whether you would like to subscribe as below for the primary E-Mail account.

Note: Its important to remove the contact if there’s any changes