[COMPLETED] SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Network Connectivity Issues - OpenSRS

Dear Valued Customers,

Special announcement to domain owners who are using OpenSRS DNS Management service!

Please note that one of our domain registrars - OpenSRS is experiencing Network Connectivity Issues at this moment.

During this period, all domains under OpenSRS DNS Management will encounter intermittent connection errors. We regret to inform that so far there has been no ETA updated from the registrar.

Name servers for OpenSRS DNS Management are as follows:

Not sure if you using OpenSRS DNS Management Service?

Please feel free to have a check by following the steps below:
(1) Perform IntoDNS at http://intodns.com/
(2) Key in your domain name, and click "Report"
(3) Check under Parent Nameservers if  any OpenSRS Nameservers are shown.

For further details, please refer to https://www.opensrsstatus.com/incidents/zlkv8sgzdgg3

If you require further assistance, please reach us at domain@wpwebhost.com.

Thank you very much for your attention!

Best Regards,

Domain Team

Customer Service Department