Important Changes Affecting .AU Domain Names

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This is an announcement  regarding the  upcoming changes in the eligibility requirements for  .COM.AU, and  .NET.AU domain name registration. 

The  new  eligibility requirements for .AU domain name registration will  take  effect on April 12th, 2021. In other words, from April 12th, 2021   onwards, all new .AU domain name registrations must meet these   eligibility requirements. Existing .AU domains that do not comply with   the new requirements will become ineligible for renewal.

In the meantime, here is a summary of what’s changing:

Changes Affecting .COM.AU and .NET.AU Domains

As   of April 12th, a domain name must be an exact match of the words   subject to the Australian trademark application or registration.  This  replaces the "closely and substantially connected rule" that is   currently in place.

Who is impacted by this change in eligibility for .COM.AU and .NET.AU domain names?

Current   foreign companies, legal entities, or persons who use an Australian   Trade Mark to meet the Australian presence requirement, where their   COM.AU or NET.AU domain is not an exact match of their Australian Trade   Mark.

What should registrants of affected .COM.AU and .NET.AU domain names do?

Consider registering a trademark for the words within their current domain name; or

Changing the basis on which they meet the Australian Presence requirement; however,

If it involves changing the legal entity the domain is registered to, the name will need to be transferred to that new entity

Please note for .COM.AU and .NET.AU domain names 

If   a person uses their Australian Trade Mark to meet Australian Presence,   at domain renewal, this requirement must be fulfilled. If the  trademark  is no longer valid then a person must meet another criterion,  otherwise,  they can no longer hold that domain license.

Further Validation for .COM.AU and .NET.AU

Registrants   will undergo further validation of identity, their ability to meet   licensing requirements, their Australian presence, and their email   address for private registrants.

How to check if you are impacted?

  1. Type in your domain name to the auDA Whois domain checker HERE.

  2. Add the captcha text to verify you are not a bot.

  3. Press ‘Submit’.

  4. Then scroll down to find the section that says ‘Eligibility Type’ and see if it says trademark or not.

  5. If it says ‘Company’ or not trademark or similar, then you won’t need to be concerned with this change.

For further details, please refer HERE.

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