Welcome to our new client support portal !

Greetings to all our value clients!

A special warm welcome to you to our new helpdesk support portal. We have completed the transition of our client support channel to new platform as of 1/May/2016. This will be the new client support portal for you to reach out to our friendly customer support representative for any of your support assistance moving forward.

To provide a brief summary on the new helpdesk transition :

  1. The access to the old support helpdesk has been disabled for public access as we have migrated all our support agent focus to the new helpdesk platform. That's to ensure we have the full focus to concentrate on one platform to response to your request in time.
  2. While the focus are on the new helpdesk platform, any of your request on our helpdesk which has not yet been attended after the transition will be follow-up by our agent.
  3. You may be receiving a further auto response if you make any attempt to response to any of the tickets which has been created on the old helpdesk platform. The reason being is the new response you have made will be routed to the new helpdesk and it will detected as a new ticket due to the ticket ID changes.
  4. Due to the platform changes, we would not be able to import any of your history tickets to the new helpdesk. If you would need to have a copy of any of your support ticket, please feel free to reach out to our new support portal with your request and we will send you a copy of the ticket in PDF.
  5. Knowledgebase - the self-help portal that our customer love the most! We will be revamping the entire knowledgebase article and take the chance to update all the articles to the latest changes.
  6. Live Chat - you will be able to continue to reach out to both our sales and technical support from our website and support portal.

While the transition is completed, we are yet done with the job. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be looking further to fine tune the entire new helpdesk flow as it goes by as to ensure we provide you the best seamless support experience. With the new helpdesk platform, we will be able to better track the SLA response and resolution by our team. Be sure to our rate our support agent with a "Smiley" face if the team resolve your issues to your satisfaction so we could reward them accordingly!

Thank you for listening !

Andy Saw

Chief Operating Officer